About Families Moving On

Families Moving On established in 2009 for the benefit of the inhabitants of Omagh and the surrounding environs of Co. Tyrone. The group is an interdenominational victims and survivors group set up to support those affected through terrorist related incidents in which members do not avail of duplicate services from other funded groups. Members may suffer as a result of bereavement, injury or through traumatisation by witnessing any incidents in the area. Members can be carer's of those injured or traumatised.

FMO strive on the varied membership it has which includes all age groups, religious denominations and affiliations, gender, marital status, educational and economical status. Members have a universal and collective aim of moving on with their lives by enhancing their social life, health and wellbeing, career opportunities by providing essential skills and ensuring our young people have a plat form to achieve to their upmost abilities.

At FMO, we feel we are a unique group in terms of our varied membership, previous experience in the Victims/Survivors Sector (i.e. management committee are aware of real needs, experience in management structures & systems etc and ensuring needs are met and resources used in effectively)and our universal desire to move on, leaving past pain behind. FMO aim to provide a safe place where victims and survivors can avail of services appropriate to them and relevant to their needs in order to help alleviate their personal stress caused though terrorist related activities. We aim to be aware of the changing needs of members and to ensure members take decisions based on information and choices available locally regarding educational, training, volunteering, practical and recreational opportunities.


Working Towards The Following Objectives
  • Providing practical support and encouragement to members
  • Promote awareness of the needs and experiences of victims
  • To provide and secure funding to allow for respite and residential care, educational and recreational facilities for all members
  • Provision of befriending and peer support services for members - providing the Gift Of Time
  • Move forward into a shared future
  • To make time and listen to the needs of members
  • To provide support and assistance to those affected directly and indirectly, in particular third generational effects within youth
  • To liaise with, and to facilitate communication between the beneficiaries and statutory and voluntary bodies with respect to the needs and experiences of the beneficiaries
  • Provide or secure the provision of welfare rights advice and information and refer those in need of profession advice to the relevant agencies.
  • Provide or assist in providing training, seminars, lectures, discussions, exhibitions, outings and events
  • Procure to be written and printed, published, issued, distributed and circulated reports, or periodicals, books, pamphlets, leaflets and other documents or information
  • Build up a library and information bank
  • Recruit, train and employ volunteers with relevant skills, for the furtherance of the above aims
  • Promote and carry out or assist in promoting and carrying out research, surveys and investigations into the experience and needs of the beneficiaries in the area of benefit, provided the useful results are published.
Meet the Team
Ryan Molloy

Project Co-ordinator

Ryan joined FMO in February 2014. Ryan completed his studies at Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in Law and at the University of Ulster with a Masters (LLM) in Human Rights Law. Ryan has previously worked at the Northern Ireland Assembly as a Research Officer, writing numerous papers in relation to Human Rights.

Maureen Owens


Maureen joined FMO on June 2012. Maureen's previous experience is in administration and health and safety. She works very closely with the Committee and the Project Co-ordinator. Maureen loves working with the general public and enjoys her role at FMO.

Kevin Skelton

Chair - Voluntary Board Member

Kevin is the Chairperson of FMO and representative in member liaisons. He regularly chairs meetings offering everyone the chance to share their views whilst also helps in the planning with the Secretary. Kevin has and continues to meet with political representatives and public bodies like the Commission for Victims and Survivors to promote the issues of victims and moving forward into a shared future.

Glynis Mehaffey

Secretary - Voluntary Board Member

Glynis helps to orgainse meetings, preparing the agenda, taking minutes and deals with correspondence to the committee.

George Kerr

Treasurer - Voluntary Board Member

George looks after all financial transactions including preparing budgets, keeping records for the Committee and helping prepare annual accounts.

Other Committee Members

Anne Rutledge

Peter Ross

Lorraine Anderson

Claire Stewart

Pauline Brennan