Other Services & Our Partners

  FMO and its European Partners

FMO is a proud member of the Network of Associations of Victims of Terrorism (NAVT) and the French Association of Victims of Terrorism (Afvt).

These organisations work on the international front bringing victims of terrorism from all over the world together. FMO attend their conferences to represent the acts of terrorism experienced by its members. The meetings have enabled victims to come together, share stories and experiences whilst helping one another on an international front

Book Club

Families Moving On have collected a wide range of books through generous donations for members and the general public. We are in the process of setting up a reading room, located upstairs at the Families Moving On premises. Members can borrow books or call in for a quick read and cup of tea when they are in the town!

Walking Club

Families Moving On have recently set up a walking club who meet once a month. Everyone can walk at their own pace as abilities do differ from one individual to another. Walking is a gentle exercise and improves the quality of life. Its good to walk! We are also asking members if they are interested in setting up a cycling club. More to come on that!


Having gained charitable status in the last year, Families Moving On have organised 2 charity events in the form of Country and Western Music nights. Both nights were successful and all funds raised contributed to the organisation. Fundraising is an element for the sustainability of the group. The activities that we provide through all the work plans at Families Moving On are mainly partially funded. Therefore, we rely on fundraising to make ends meet. Families Moving On appreciate funds being raisied and any donations which are made to the group.

Activities are open to all of our members to avail off. Places are limited due to funding restrictions therefore it is advised that you book your place at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment.