Our Services

Complementary Therapies

Families Moving On offer complementary therapies to its members. Members can avail of 6 sessions of treatments, either massage or reflexology. Mary Winters is the trained and qualified therapist who is available to suit the needs of members. All treatments take place in the therapy room located upstairs at the Families Moving On premises, Dublin Road Omagh




Befriending is a service that provides companionship to vulnerable people finding living in their community difficult. It offers the opportunity to develop new relationships and participate in social activities. Families Moving On provide a befriending service to all its members. At present we have 7 fully trained befrienders who visit befriendees in their home, meet them for coffee or assist them to doctor or hospital appointments. Befriending is a bespoke service and is keenly availed of by the members at Families Moving On



Social Support

FMO aim to provide Social Support to its members to reduce social isolation levels and enhance confidence levels, as outlined in the recent Needs Analysis and Strategic Plan of FMO 2010-2013. This includes offering Befriending Training, Social Outings and Respite Trips. It is important for us to adhere to our mission statement which is: to allow our members to embark on a personal journey where they can recover, grow and sustain a sense of wellbeing. Members of Families Moving On will be at the centre of all activity and the focus will be on moving forward into a shared future. Therefore, by creating opportunities for our members to interact socially, this will enhance a range of social skills, and with the overall aim of helping members on their personal journey towards healing and recovery.



Transgenerational Activities

FMO strongly believe that if we are to effectively help our members in their transition and journey of recovery this cannot be done by isolating the individual and only working with them. We need to work with the wider family circle as all have been affected by the trauma. Young people are extremely perceptible and research indicates that trans-generational trauma affects 3 generations. For this reason we believe it is vital we deliver activities that are focused on young people and the family. Within this plan of work is a series of training and development opportunities in areas of active citizenship and peer support, underpinned by activities promoting social interaction and cultural diversity.

Personal and Professional Development

In line with professional best practice commitments of supporting service members to pursue continuing personal and professional development, we provide a number of professional and vocational training opportunities for our members to avail of.




Other Services & Our Partners

FMO is a proud member of the Network of Associations of Victims of Terrorism (NAVT) and the French Association of Victims of Terrorism (Afvt).

Families Moving On have collected a wide range of books through generous donations for members and the general public.

Families Moving On have recently set up a walking club who meet once a month. Everyone can walk at their own pace as abilities do differ from one individual to another.

Having gained charitable status in the last year, Families Moving On have organised 2 charity events in the form of Country and Western Music nights. Both nights were successful and all funds raised contributed to the organisation.