Personal and Professional Development


In line with professional best practice commitments of supporting service members to pursue continuing personal and professional development, we provide a number of professional and vocational training opportunities for our members to avail of.

The outcomes of the programme;

  • Engaging in good governance development

  • Create effective leaders to our members

  • Provision of a safe environment for victims/survivors and have experienced and committee members

  • Members acquire new skills and develop on others

  • Members enhance market value by developing career opportunities

  • Professional standards will be raised within the group

  • Participants will benefit from learning new skills and this will in turn help with confidence, social isolation and self awareness


What the programme consists of:

The personal and professional development work plans conisists of a wide range of activities which are all needs based;

  • Craft classes

  • Jewellery making course

  • Bread making course

  • Health promotion nights

  • Fishing trips

  • Zumba dance classes

  • Spanish language course

  • Creative writing

  • Child protection course

  • First aid training

  • Health and safety course


Activities are open to all of our members to avail off. Places are limited due to funding restrictions therefore it is advised that you book your place at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment.