Privacy Policy

Confidentiality & Data Protection
FMO recognises the responsibilities that go together with the trust its
members, volunteers and staff place in our organisation in providing us
with confidential and sensitive personal information, and is committed to
protecting the confidentiality that lies at the heart of our interactions.
Applies to:
Anyone who processes personal data in connection with any aspect of the
work of FMO
Operational management is the responsibility of the PROJECT COORDINATOR,
with the Committee responsible for quality monitoring and any amendments to
policy or procedural issues.
 Personal data for any individual held by The must be:
o Fairly and lawfully processed
o Processed for limited purposes
o Accurate, adequate, relevant and not excessive
o Processed in accordance with the individual's rights
o Held in a secure location and not kept longer than necessary
o Transferred only with adequate protection.
Items of a confidential nature must be clearly endorsed with a privacy
"PRIVATE" or "STAFF ONLY". Filing and storage must take into account
the restricted distribution nature of the material.
Distribution of confidential material must be made carefully in order to
protect it from inadvertent release and should be distributed only through
use of a secure mailing address, secure fax, and/or secure email.
Confidential material must not be distributed to anyone other than members
of the Committee and staff without approval by the origin of such material,
and only where appropriate or where failure to disclose such information
may breach legal and ethical duties of the Group. The privacy marked cover
may only be removed with the permission of the person from whom the
material originated or after a designated time period.
Data of a personal nature may not be released to a third party without that
third party providing:
o A written description of the classes of personal data to be
processed, e.g. contact details, interests, and a description of the
subjects of the personal data, e.g. members, staff, volunteers
o A description of the purposes for which the personal data is to be
The term "personal data" means data that relate to an identifiable individual,
whether processed electronically or manually.