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Families Moving On

Our mission is to allow our members to embark on a personal journey where they can recover, grow and sustain a sense of wellbeing. Members are at the centre of all activity and the focus is to move forward into a shared future. We are a registered charity and victims group located in Omagh Co. Tyrone. We assist victims who have been affected by the Troubles on their journey towards healing through the provision of numerous programmes of support. Families Moving On is comprised of 2 staff members, a befriending coordinator, a voluntary board of committee members and sub-committees. Our aim is to meet the needs of victims who seek or require support. Everyone has an individual story from their experience through the Troubles and we recognise this factor. We can help victims on their road to recovery through the provision of activities best suited to them. We will assess the needs of victims and talk to them about each of the activities we have to offer. All information is strictly confidential.

Registered Charity - NIC101612




Our Services

FMO are funded under the Victims Support Programme (VSP) for Groups Working with Victims and Survivors of the Troubles, which is administered by the Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) on behalf of the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM)