Transgenerational Activities

FMO strongly believes in order to effectively help members transition on their journey to recovery, this cannot be done in isolation working solely with the individual.   FMO will also work with the wider family circle that have also been affected by the trauma.

Transgenerational trauma is trauma that extends beyond the individual. Instead of stopping with the individual, the trauma lingers and gnaws through one generation to the next. Families with a history of unresolved trauma, depression, anxiety, and addiction may continue to pass maladaptive coping strategies and distrustful views of life onto future generations. FMO offers various events for young people and families whose lives have been impacted by the troubles. In previously working with young people FMO have offered:

• Peer to peer training and support
• Drug and Alcohol Awareness training
• Peer coordinator training
• Personal and professional development
• Suicide awareness training
• Todds Leap
• Belfast Zoo
• Titanic Quarter
• Dundonald Ice Bowl
• Lusty Beg Island and the Share Centre
• Christmas Pantomime
• Brunswick Moviebowl
• Airtastic

Within this plan of work is a series of training and development opportunities in areas of active citizenship and peer support, underpinned by activities promoting social interaction and cultural diversity. Our studies include the following:

  • Increased understanding of how we live in a shared society
  • Developing and building relationships
  • Developing communication and listening skills
  • Promoting cultural awareness and diversity
  • Breaking down barriers, encouraging communication and constructive friendships
  • Benefiting from team building and promoting team spirit
  • Building self esteem levels

How to join

If you are interested in any of the above activities and feel you are eligible to participate, please complete a membership application from and return to Families Moving On.

“Together, Moving Forward”

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