Befriending is an activity which involves the development of relationships in which the befriender gives time to provide informal support and encouragement to a service user (Befriendee), often over a long period of time. Befriending relationships are based on trust, confidentiality, and mutual involvement whereby both the volunteer (Befriender) and service user (Befriendee), gain from the relationships formed over time.

Why is it important?

Befriending is an intervention that is being widely used to address the ‘human -to -human’ support needs of vulnerable people. It can offer vital support during crucial or transitional periods in a person’s life including, leaving hospital after an illness or periods of mental or physical ill-health, including long term conditions. For people receiving befriending, the social and emotional support received from a Befriender (who is a trained volunteer), can often lead to significant and lasting improvements in emotional health, well-being and quality of life.

If you are interested in availing of our befriending service, please get in touch. Moreover, should you be interested in becoming a befriender contact the office immediately. Appropriate training will be provided, and expenses can be claimed. What is more, research shows that giving social support and care to others provides benefits to the self!

Meeting a Person's Needs

The barriers faced by many vulnerable people, including disability, ill-health or advancing years can often impact significantly on a person’s quality of life resulting in sustained periods of social isolation and poor emotional and physical health.

FMO provides an important befriending service which is personal, sensitive, and flexible to a person’s individual needs.  The FMO Befriending Service provides the following supports:

  • One to one home visits
  • Support to socialise i.e., out for coffee or attend organised events.
  • Support to attend medical appointments
  • Telephone calls
  • Carers’ support

If you or someone you know needs friendship and support, please contact us for more information or to make a referral to the service.

Contact the FMO Office on 028 8225 0369 or

email or

drop into our office at

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“Together, Moving Forward”

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