Other Services & Our Partners

Services available through our partners

Psychological/ Talking Therapies

Members can be referred to organisations such as WAVE, SEFF or the ELY centre.


Members wishing to avail of advocacy services can be referred to either SEFF or UHRW (Ulster Human Rights Watch).

Health and Wellbeing Services

Members can be referred to partner organisations to avail of these services. Health and wellbeing issues will be identified through a consultation with the Health and Wellbeing Caseworker. The process is client led with an overall goal of improving health and wellbeing. Some of the needs identified may be eligible for funding under the VSS Individual Needs Framework, for example, accessing disability aids, education and training, persistent pain management, psychological therapies or avoiding social isolation.

In addition to making referrals to partner organisations, other services Families Moving On provides consist of a drop-in service, volunteering and a library service.   

Drop In Service

Families Moving On prides itself on providing a friendly drop-in service for our members. Feel free to call in, relax, avail of a nice cup of tea and have a chat. FMO staff members are always happy to help with any queries you may have or discuss any services we or our partner organisations can provide.


Should you wish to become more involved with our organisation please get in touch immediately. We have several volunteering opportunities members may wish to avail of, for example, helping out at FMO monthly coffee mornings or organising much needed fundraising activities. FMO is keen to empower its members to improve their personal life circumstances by perhaps stepping outside your comfort zone and organising activities for the organisation that may be of interest to others, for example, a walking group, a craft group. Member leaders are needed to help drive these initiatives. We are also keen to establish a group of volunteer drivers to help those who are socially isolated and reliant on others to get to important appointments.

Library Service

FMO has recently received various book donations helping to reinvigorate the existing library. Feel free to come in and browse to see if anything takes your fancy. Let the office staff know of books you wish to borrow so a record can be kept. Please also drop in any books you are finished with which will help bring greater variety to the current collection. As a charitable organisation FMO is grateful for any donations received.

“Together, Moving Forward”

Need advice? Call our support line on (028) 82 250 369