About Us

Families Moving On established in 2009 for the benefit of the inhabitants of Omagh and the surrounding environs of Co. Tyrone. The group is an interdenominational victims and survivors group set up to support those affected through terrorist related incidents in which members do not avail of duplicate services from other funded groups.

Members may suffer as a result of bereavement, injury or through traumatisation by witnessing any incidents in the area. Members can be carer’s of those injured or traumatised.

FMO strives on its varied membership which includes all age groups, religious denominations and affiliations, gender, marital status, educational and economical status.

Members have a universal and collective aim of moving on with their lives by enhancing their social life, health and wellbeing, and career opportunities by providing essential skills.  FMO can help ensure its young people have a platform to achieve to their upmost abilities.

FMO aim to provide a safe place where victims and survivors can avail of services appropriate to them and relevant to their needs in order to help alleviate their personal stress caused though terrorist related activities. We aim to be aware of the changing needs of members and to ensure members take decisions based on information and choices available locally regarding educational, training, volunteering, practical and recreational opportunities.

Working towards the following objectives:

“Together, Moving Forward”

Need advice? Call our support line on (028) 82 250 369