Personal and Professional Development

Personal development is where a person makes changes that positively impact all areas of their life and physical and mental well-being. Personal development can help a person achieve their goals and realise their potential to improve their life and relationships. FMO has provided numerous workshops to help members develop to their full potential. Some examples include candle and soap making, stress management, wreath making, pottery, life coaching and art therapy. Members also have access to volunteering opportunities where they can develop their interpersonal, leadership and teamworking skills.

Professional development is the ongoing process of improving your skills and knowledge to be able to do your work effectively. It can be informal or formal, short, or long-term, done in a group or individually. Professional development can take place at any point during your career as you adapt to new technologies and changes in the workplace. Some examples of professional development at FMO have included IT training, first aid and child protection courses. FMO can provide courses which enable members to learn new skill sets. These skills can be adopted to start a new business, become self-employed or change careers.

“Together, Moving Forward”

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